America Recycles Day Thursday, November 15th is America Recycles Day, an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) directive and a spearhead movement behind the drive to reduce, reuse, and recycle (RRR). The EPA is going to great lengths to promote the environmental, and economic impact of better recycling practices across the USA. In one of its reports,
Dream Big Travel Far is made up of a far-thinking, travel-addicted couple - Cazzy and Bradley - who shredded the rule book and hit the road in search of discovery and adventure.  Their idea of living life to the full is based on the continuous pursuit of experiences. And guess what? That’s Tinggly’s goal too.
Why give corporate gifts? Why do companies reward their clients and valuable business partners with gifts? The answer might seem like a no-brainer but without these vitally important associates, your business is probably doomed. Giving corporate gifts to your clients does the following: Increases customer retention Prevents customer churn Shows appreciation Acts as a constant
Let’s clear something up for once and for all. The country name, Holland, refers to only two provinces of this pretty and compact European nation - Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland. If you want to refer to the entire country then (officially) it becomes the Kingdom of The Netherlands. As part of Tinggly’s ‘Ultimate Collection,’ we’ve included
The world is beginning to wise up to the idea that healthy bee populations are key to human survival. No bees no pollination, no pollination no plants, no plants no food. It really is that simple. What more important, and cool, gift could you give someone than the exclusive Tinggly Ultimate 2-night beekeeping course in