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Busting the myths on gifts for people who travel

Buying a gift for a friend or relative can often be a fairly straightforward process as you’ve got a reasonable idea what they’re into and they’ve pretty much hinted for the past twelve months as to what they’d like to unwrap come the big day.

Sometimes it’s the case that men and women tend to prefer different types of gifts however, these sorts of stereotypes are made to be broken and for every mum that loves to receive flowers there’s one that would much prefer an uber cool power tool.

With this in mind, if you’re looking for gifts for people who travel, what you buy them will speak volumes about their personality just as much as your ability to think outside of the box. Often it’s easy to lump gifts for women into the category of flowers, chocs and smellies, and gifts for men into socks, tools and pickles however, can the same be said for travel gifts?

Below are a few assumptions regarding gifts for people who travel and if you’re looking to surprise the man or woman in your life with something that they certainly wouldn’t have considered for themselves then read on and get ready to bust those stereotypes into oblivion!

A spa day should only be bought as a travel gift for women

No way! You find me the man that doesn’t enjoy a good old back rub and I’ll wax my legs. Peace, tranquillity and the gentle trickle of a water feature are what make a day spent at a spa equally as appealing to men as women which is why if you’re looking for gifts for people who travel then you shouldn’t discount spa days no matter who you’re buying for. It’s about time we all opened up to what makes us happy and if you’re a man who loves to be pampered whilst you travel then stick a spa day on your next gift list and look forward to the good times ahead.

Only men like fast-paced travel gifts

Seriously! Have you ever been in a woman’s car when she’s late for work? Women love speed and if there’s a travel loving lady in your life that you’d really like to impress then get her a gift that’s all about quickening the pulse and holding on tight. Speedboat rides, off road vehicles or skimming out into the ocean on-board a Zodiac, there’s definitely no reason to turn any of these options down if you’re looking for a gift for that fast-paced female that dares to be different. The times they are a changing, and if you’re more Jeremy than Kelly Clarkson then you better move out of the way as there’s some hot stuff coming through.

Women prefer chocolates and men prefer beer

This debate could rumble on longer than candidates for the UK political elections however, if you’re thinking of getting gifts for people who travel then don’t discount either beer or chocolate when it comes to choosing for men or women. There are numerous beer and chocolate walking tours that will take your lucky recipients around some of Europe’s finest cities, with Brussels, London and Amsterdam all supplying an endless array of artisan workshops and cosy corners from where to sit back, relax and indulge. Although you might not first consider a chocolate walking tour as an ideal gift for a man or a beer walking tour is an ideal gift for a woman, why not think outside of the box this year as there’s no way that either party are going to turn this travel gift down.

Men don’t like the finer things in life

That’s a pretty bold statement there professor and if you’re intending to discount travel gift ideas such as dinner cruises, VIP tours or sipping champagne on a yacht then you’re certainly missing the point of what it means to be a man. Men who travel just love to feel like they’re experiencing the finer things in life and from watching the sunset over a cityscape to lying back in a hammock with a tropical cocktail, you find me the chap who doesn’t like to pretend he’s James Bond for a day and I’ll show you the fella who needs to be shaken and quite possible stirred too.

Travel gifts for women should always be comfortable

No way should gifts for people who travel revolve around whether a recipient likes to be within their comfort zone or not and there are untold women that would give their high heels for a few days spent away from a mirror or make up bag. Jungle trekking, desert safaris and exploring the mountain foothills of Africa are all just incredible experiences no matter who you are so don’t even think about wrapping the woman in your life in cotton wool because you might well find a wannabe Lara Croft just itching to get out. There truly is something everso liberating for a woman finding life outside of the normal rules of society, and from leadership to friendship, an adventurous travel gift never fails to smash down the barriers.

Men don’t do spirituality

Long gone are the days when men weren’t able to look inside themselves and bare their soul, and if there’s ever a moment when you’re wondering about gifts for people who travel never ever turn aside a spiritual adventure for the man in your life. Yoga retreats, meditation camps and time spent trekking with a Nepalese monk, whatever you think will really push your man out of his shell in order to express his innermost feelings then there’s no time like the present to sort out the men from the boys. Of course men do spirituality and when you consider that most relaxed and happy people are in touch with not only themselves but their families too then it’s about time you widened your search when it comes to finding a travel gift for your favourite yogi.

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