Best new travel gadgets for 2015

2015 is here, adventure is calling, and there’s stacks of cool new tech available right now that’s indispensable for anyone planning to hit the road. Here’s our rundown of the latest gadgets that you should be packing alongside your flip-flops and suncream:

Travel Router

Even the slowest of hotel Wifi can be given a boost with a portable router.  This  handy piece of kit from TP-Link is a great example – simple to use, pocket-sized, and with a long-lasting battery, it’s the perfect way to set up your own private network, allowing you to work or play for hours wherever your wanderlust takes you.


This must-have accessory is getting pretty ubiquitous already, but the more innovative models are now Bluetooth-enabled, so you can operate the shutter on your smartphone or camera using a button on the handle, instead of having to set the timer. They also collapse very small, for extra convenience. Never have to worry about crowds at the Taj Mahal again, just hoist your camera above their heads for the perfect snap.


The future of credit cards could be just around the corner.  Coin  is a slimline device that can replace up to five cards, swiping in a chip-and-pin machine in just the same way. And a great little security feature sees it send an alert whenever it’s too far away from your phone. Due to be released end of this year, we think this could be a game-changer.

Sea Scooters

Like the thought of scuba diving but feel a bit lazy? A sea scooter is the answer. Feel like James Bond as you zip around the sea, scoping beautiful tropical fish and coral reefs, from the comfort of your own motorised mini-submarine with built-in oxygen tank. You can  try before you buy  in stunning coastal resorts such as Mauritius.

Personal Speakers

Being able to play music direct from your phone whether you’re at a pool party, chilling on the beach or on an island-cruise is pretty much essential today. We recommend the Jawbone devices, which are lightweight, very functional and look super-cool.


Another vital piece of kit for today’s traveller is a tablet. Toshiba have their Encore Mini which we think is very versatile, fantastic for keeping smaller children or teenagers entertained on long journeys with tons of storage for games and movies, and it’s easy to upload photos on a daily basis. Plus, it’s a very inexpensive model.

Go Pro

Like the Selfie-Stick, you’ll be seeing these absolutely everywhere in 2015. These robust cameras are perfect for recording great action footage like bungee jumps, skydives, rafting adventures or waterslides. They can film underwater, have decent sound recording, and editing the footage is easy. Make sure and buy extra attachments that can strap the camera onto your chest or head, leaving you hands-free.

Smart Suitcase

The Trunkster is a lovely bit of kit – a solid aluminium suitcase that comes with no end of useful features – a power pack to charge devices; digital scale to avoid embarrassing unpacking at the check-in counter; a hidden compartment for valuables, and best of all, built-in GPS in case it goes missing.

Disposable Toothbrushes

Picture the scene: You’re trekking to a hill-station in India. Stopping in a small village to stay the night, you can’t find any clean water, but your breath stinks and you don’t want to repel your hosts. The solution? Colgate Wisps – these new single-use toothbrushes come with four disposable heads, so wherever you are you can have a fresh, clean mouth, with no need for water or rinsing.

Survival Sidekicks

Has the Swiss Army Knife had its day? We won’t leave the house now without one of these  awesome multi-function torches  from Champ. Besides lighting up your immediate area, the torch houses an AM/FM radio; a glass-breaker / seatbelt cutter, and a mobile device charger. Charged by hand-cranking, it’s great for camping trips, or anywhere off the beaten track.