Best Gifts for Football Fans

With the 2017/18 season now fully underway, and Christmas approaching fast, what better time for us to suggest some great gift ideas for the football fan in your life?

Whether they’re a committed armchair supporter or their feet have stood on the terraces so often they’ve carved their own niche, these ideas for football presents will ensure you hit the back of the net, not an own goal…

Stadium Tours

Surprisingly, many fans can go their whole lives without seeing the inner workings of the stadiums they know so well. However, many clubs offer regular guided tours for their supporters, so buy them one of these and they can see everything from the Home and Away changing rooms to the press room, the dugout to the silverware cabinet. Some clubs will even have a museum which can be a fascinating experience for long-time dedicated fans. They may even get a chance to walk out on the pitch, so can hopefully resist the chance to pull up a few blades of grass.Stadium ToursAutographed Memorabilia 

If they have a favourite player, then you can often buy autographed memorabilia online such as programmes from a game they attended, footballs or apparel. If you don’t live too far from the stadium then you might also consider spending a few hours post-game outside waiting for the players to emerge, as many will often be happy to sign something on their way to the car park.sandro-schuh-143183Season Ticket

The ultimate football gift if you can afford it, and they don’t already have one, is a season ticket, so that they can catch every game they want. For the Premier League, you can expect to pay anywhere from the low hundreds for teams such as Huddersfield to almost £1000 for Arsenal, but there is of course a very big catch – the number of season tickets available to club members depends on the number of current holders who choose not to renew theirs. So it’s very much a case of playing the long game, and if you support a big club and want a season ticket for your child, then you’ll need to make sure they’re registered as a member and on the list as soon as possible as it may be years before their name comes up.rob-bye-141866Personalised History Books 

We love this gift idea for football fans because it really appeals to those that have a long-held support for a particular club and are obsessed with statistics, as many are. A personalised team history book will chart the ups and downs of a team from their inception up to the present day, recording results, line-ups, fixtures and positions down the years. They make a fascinating testament to a football club’s often very rich history.fancy-crave-22481Stay in a Themed Hotel

If you have a loved one who’s nuts for Manchester United, then with a Tinggly experience gift you can treat them to a stay at Hotel Football, a hotel directly opposite Old Trafford. The Hotel Football is themed around the Red Devils and even owned by a couple of ex-players. Chances are they won’t be bumping into Giggsy in the lift, but it’s still going to be a memorable night, and one you can easily tie in with tickets to a match the next Retro Vintage Kits

They can look a little different to everyone else on match day if you buy them a classic football kit from the past. Some retro shirts can even look very stylish on a night out. Originals can be sourced on sites such as Ebay from time to time, but many other places will sell replicas for a reasonable price.riley-mccullough-196374Aerial Stadium Photos

Many football stadiums are as iconic a totem as any players – think of Old Trafford, Wembley, Old Trafford or Munich’s Allianz Arena. You can try and find an aerial photograph of the stadium (some clubs have recently been commissioning new ones due to the ease of drone photography) and get it framed as a unique souvenir.abigail-keenan-17652