Love it or hate it, there’s no escaping Valentine’s Day. Our theory – that many people choose to try and ignore it nowadays because the whole thing has just become way too commercialised and overblown.7 unconventional ways to make Valentine's Day really special this yearBut Valentine’s Day is still a good time to show someone how special you think they are, and what they mean to you. It just requires a little bit of imagination to get over the meaningless ‘flowers and chocolate’ vibe. Here’s some inspiration on how you can spice things up on February 14th…

Netflix and Chill – Turbo Charged

Spending the evening in? Good idea. But date night on the couch doesn’t have to follow the same formula as the rest of the week. Rent or borrow a projector, point it at a blank wall or a bedsheet, and bring the cinema home. Combine with mood lighting, gourmet popcorn and bottle of something bubbly, and you got yourself a night to remember.Netflix and Chill - Turbo ChargedUpgrade the flowers

The standard Valentine’s Day gift idea of the terminally unimaginative, flowers will only last a few days before they start to wilt and head to the bin. Here’s how to do it better. Get a single red rose, dry it out, and press it between the pages of the book your partner is reading at the moment. Or, put your crafting skills into action and create an indoor hanging basket, with colourful wildflowers or fragrant herbs. If you have a bit of money to spend, you can also splash out on something unique like an attention-grabbing bonsai tree, or a very on-trend mini greenhouse.Upgrade the flowersSurprise lunch

Reserving a table for dinner on Valentine’s Day can be difficult at popular restaurants. But lunchtimes are often much easier. February 14th falls on a Thursday this year, so why not surprise your loved one with a meal out near their workplace? This is a really great Valentine’s Day gift idea if your partner has a tendency to skip lunch. Alternatively, you could drop off a gift-wrapped package full of their favourite treats at the office, making them the envy of their colleagues.Surprise lunchLove reminders 

This Valentine’s Day idea could not be any easier, and it’s perfect for those with not much cash but plenty of imagination. All you need to do is get yourself a little pad of sticky notes, and write on each of them one reason why you love your partner. Then just post them up around your home. Try doing a couple every day and you can put a smile on his or her face all week-long.Love reminders

Valentine’s Day Gift Experience

Travelling couples can choose from a vast number of shared experiences in our Time Together collection – from dinner at the Eiffel Tower in Paris to sensual Balinese spa sessions, romantic cruises to amazing overnight hotel packages, a Tinggly gift experience voucher is a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift to treat your partner.Valentine’s Day Gift ExperienceRecreate your first date 

For couples that have been together for a long time, it can be tricky to recapture the magic, but one good way is to recreate your very first date, as accurately as possible. You can probably remember where you went, and hopefully that place is still open, but can you also recall what you ate or drank, what you were wearing, and even what you talked about? Expect to laugh lots, and get very sentimental.Recreate your first dateSingle? Have a ‘Love Yourself’ Day

Valentine’s Day is trickier if you’re single of course, but that’s no reason not to celebrate. You could choose to spend the day having fun with other single friends, or love yourself instead. Take a day and a night to pamper yourself by doing the things that make you happy. Eat your favourite food, watch your favourite movie, and go to a place that means a lot to you.Single? Have a ‘Love Yourself’ Day

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