From spectacular beaches to unique wildlife, fascinating ancient cultures to a happening foodie scene, Australia has everything you need for an incredible honeymoon. If you’re heading ‘down under’ for your first holiday as a married couple, we’ve curated what we think are some of the most unmissable romantic experiences to try on an Australia honeymoon.

  1. Island-hopping in the Whitsundays 

The Whitsundays, 500 miles off the Queensland coast on the way to the Great Barrier Reef, are hugely popular with honeymooning couples for their idyllic, breathtaking beauty. Picture yourselves walking hand-in-hand along pristine white sand beaches, splashing around in the turquoise water, and taking boat-trips out to explore the various groupings (there are four in total, comprising 74 islands and islets). You could also head in the other direction, to Lord Howe Island, which is between Australia and New Zealand. Regular small plane flights go to this gorgeous and remote conservation spot, with visitor numbers limited, so you’ll find plenty of isolation there.Island-hopping in the Whitsundays

  1. Catching a show at the Sydney Opera House

A true Australian icon, with a distinctive architectural design known the world over, the Sydney Opera House puts on over 40 performances every single week, so there is always something to see whatever your tastes: dance, comedy, classical music and of course, opera. Some of the world’s biggest bands stop here, and you can even take a backstage tour of the opera house to see what goes on behind the scenes.Sydney Opera House

  1. Star-Gazing in the Outback 

There can be few better places in the world to watch the skies than the red-rock Australian Outback. Far from civilization, there’s no light pollution to worry about, and star-gazing here has an almost mystical quality to it. There is rich Aboriginal history to discover in the Outback too, which perhaps helps with the magic. We suggest combining it with a sunrise guided cultural walk around Uluru, otherwise known as Ayers Rock, to see it glowing red in the dawn.Star-Gazing in the Outback

  1. Wildlife Watching on Kangaroo Island

Just off the coast of Adelaide, Kangaroo Island is so-named because, well, it’s got stacks of kangaroos on it! But also wallabies, fur seals and cute cuddly koala bears too. The scenery on the island is magnificent, and you can explore it with guided ranger walks to find out more about the environment. For honeymooners looking to do a little wine tourism, this is also a good location, with a bunch of renowned wineries dotted around.Kangaroo Island

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  1. Romantic Sydney Harbour Cruise 

One of our favourite Australia gift experiences for honeymooners is a tall-ship cruise through Sydney harbour. Sunset sightseeing, accompanied by music and food, on a historic vessel, with the wind in your hair – seriously, what could be more romantic than that? We love any kind of guided tour with a difference, and a voyage on a beautiful tall ship is definitely that.Sydney Harbour Cruise

  1. Trekking in the Atherton Tablelands

For the more adventurous couple, we recommend spending some time in the wilderness of the Atherton Tablelands, in Queensland. There is a huge network of hiking trails through the ancient protected rainforest, taking you deep into the bush to see stunning waterfalls, cute marsupials and epic views. You can also get around by mountain bike instead, and there are plenty of picturesque towns to stay in. Trekking in the Atherton Tablelands

  1. Snorkelling the Ningaloo Reef

The Great Barrier Reef, which is one of our planet’s most astonishing natural marvels, is in big trouble. The coral is bleaching and being damaged, and scientists are not at all sure about its future. One problem is the number of scuba divers and snorkelers that visit every year – their fins can break the coral, and the chemicals from suntan lotion are also harmful. So if you want to explore an underwater wonderland, maybe consider not visiting the GBR, and heading instead for a snorkeling trip on the Ningaloo Reef, off the coast of Exmouth in Western Australia. The reef is equally beautiful, and you can see turtle, dolphin, stingray and dugong, as well as many stunning tropical fish.

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