10 gift wrapping ideas for your best friend’s birthday

So, your best pal’s having a birthday! Great news, right? Of course it is and although what you get them can often be something of a bone of contention how you wrap it up can sometimes make all the difference between a good gift and a great gift.

This is especially true if your best friend is off on their travels and if you’re looking for inspiration when it comes to wrapping travel gifts then right here is where you find it.

Below are ten of the most awesome ideas regarding wrapping travel gifts for best friends and even if you’ve not been invited on tour – boo! At least you’ll be able to wish your nearest and dearest a fond bon voyage as they take their first foray into the world without you.


Why not wrap a travel gift in brochure paper?

Depending on the size of your best friend’s birthday gift grabbing a load of travel magazines is certainly going to get you in the mood for setting the scene. There are numerous high street stores where they’ll happily hand over a bunch of brochures and if you’re looking to rip, cut and tear yourself some wrapping paper for your best bud’s gift then this is definitely one of the best ways to turn it into an awesome and unique surprise package.


Hide your best friend’s travel gift inside their kit bag

If your best friend’s birthday takes place while he or she is away from home then why not hide a gift within a pocket of the old kit bag? This works equally well for suitcases and if you’re intending to be really sneaky then you can always sew it into the lining for extra surprise appeal. Experiential travel gifts are great for hiding within suitcase linings as they’re basically a really cool gift voucher that can be used in resort and take no time at all to discreetly hide away from prying eyes.


Send your best friend on a birthday gift treasure hunt

There’s one sure fire way to get your best mate in the mood for their travels and that’s to set them off on a treasure hunt before they leave. Writing out clues, hiding them all over the house and even taking your hunt outdoors is a great idea for giving a gift that requires thought to find, and if you can base your treasure hunt theme around the location that they’re travelling to then all the better.


Brown paper with personalised stamps makes for great wrapping paper

Remember those retro travel stamps that people used to get stamped all over their suitcase? Well how about recreating those sorts of romantic notions of travel by wrapping your best mate’s birthday gift in brown paper and then personalising it with old stamps and prints relating to the country that they’re travelling to? Top tip: If you can’t find the stamps then stencils or stickers make for excellent and easy alternatives.

Word search paper is perfect for wrapping birthday gifts

If your best friend is off on his or her travels then you already know that they like to use their brain, right? Well, how about taxing the old grey matter one step further by wrapping their birthday gift in word search paper? It’s so easy to print off a few topical word searches from the internet and if you can get your best bud to work out what’s hidden inside the word search before they open it up then this will make your gift seem all the more well considered.


Photograph albums make ideal hiding places for travel gifts

Finding some photos of you and your best friend should be no trouble at all as what with social media these days, pretty much the entirety of our lives has been captured on film and displayed for all the world to see. If you know your pal is bored of looking online to see her photos then why not print off a few and stick them in an album? This is a great going away travel gift and also provides the ideal place to discreetly tuck a travel gift activity that you’ve bought for them to experience in resort – win win!


Hide a best friend’s birthday gift inside a decorated shoebox

Enough with all the wrapping paper! What you need to cover your best friend’s travel gift is a good old fashioned shoebox. Those sturdy cardboard creations are just right for hiding gift vouchers and other sorts of paraphernalia and if you’re hoping to really make an impression then try decorating the outside of the box in stickers, photos and cuts outs that will help to remind your pal of home.


Hand over that birthday gift to your best friend’s travel buddy

If your best friend is going away with another then, once you’ve got over the shock, it’s a great idea to work in partnership with their travelling companion rather than getting all sulky. Buying a birthday gift activity to enjoy in resort is an amazing idea and if you can fully brief the fellow traveller as to where and when they need to head off to experience it then you’ll be putting your friend’s feelings above your own so more power to your relationship – well done!


Tell your best friend where they can find their birthday gift over Skype

There’s nothing like a good old face to face to tell your best friend that you’re missing them on their birthday and when you slyly explain that you’ve bought them an experience that they can undertake in resort then it’s just going to be a joy to watch their little face well up with joy. Scuba diving, white water rafting or an all day session at the local spa, whatever birthday travel gift your best friend might like, it’s up to you to give it to them any which way you choose.


If your best friend is off on their travels, without or without you, then what you buy for them is bound to speak volumes with regards to how much you value their friendship. Tinggly are delighted to offer hundreds of gift experiences to be enjoyed around the world and if you’re looking for travel gift ideas that are as unique as they are easy to wrap then get in touch and let’s make things happen.

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