The Tinggly guide to Responsible Travel

Most people when they go on holiday have no intention of causing any damage to the environment or disrupting the local culture. Unfortunately it’s very easily done unknowingly, whether by purchasing souvenirs made from endangered species, or dressing inappropriately in a conservative country. Also, while many of us feel an understandable urge to discover pristine, […]

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journalBend, USA

6 off-the-beaten track destinations for 2017

If you’re hoping to avoid the crowds on holiday next year, follow our guide to some little-known or overlooked destinations that have plenty to offer the discerning traveller. Whether you’re after empty, unspoilt beaches, a cultural city break, or adventures in the outdoors, this list should give you plenty of inspiration…Bend, USA Often thought of […]

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Celebrities that love adrenaline experiences

When you explore the Tinggly collection one thing becomes clear very quickly – we have an incredible breadth of gift experiences around the world, from foodie tours led by gourmet locals or professional chefs, to breathtaking wilderness exploration over land, air or sea, to fascinating cultural excursions to prestigious museums, monuments or natural attractions. But […]

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Black Friday

How to survive Black Friday

Black Friday, the biggest retail event of the year, is almost here! Brands will be massively reducing the prices on certain items to provoke crowds of buyers, which can sometimes lead to brawls in-store, or e-commerce websites crashing through overloading. Crazy, huh? Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that Black Friday helps many […]

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tinggly gift box on the table

Incentives for Remote Workers

With advances in technology, it’s easier than ever for people to work remotely, often from different parts of the world. But while this enhanced flexibility can bring advantages such as lower overheads, a wider talent pool and happier employees who can spend more time with their families, it also brings with it new challenges. If […]

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Fantastic and unique Christmas gift ideas

For many families, Christmas is about coming together, some travelling great distances, and simply spending time in each other’s company. There is food to be prepared and eaten, carols to be sung, trees to be decorated and lights to be lit. There are also, of course, gifts to be shared. One of the most magic […]

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