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Timber Rafting Experience in Sweden for Two

This is one of many experiences included in this gift box!

This Experience is one of many in this gift box!
Ultimate Collection
Ultimate Collection
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279 $

Why we included this experience:

  • Travel on a raft you built yourselves
  • Get out into beautiful Swedish nature
  • Raft the mighty River Klarälven

Experience description

Explore the stunning natural scenery of Sweden, and pick up some useful life skills, with this unique rafting adventure in Stöllet. On the banks of a calm stream, with the help of an instructor, you’ll assemble your own raft made of pre-cut timber logs, which will eventually weigh up to a ton and hold up to six people. Putting it together in the water, using only logs and ropes, is challenging but fun, and you never know when you might need to do it again! After a day of exertion you can relax in the Klarälvens campsite, take a sauna, or try your hand at catching fish - if you get lucky, grilling facilities are available (or you can just bring your own meat).

The next day, it’s time to put your raft to the test as you voyage along the Klarälven river. Instruction on how to steer and control the raft is provided, and you can then drift gently off, letting the current take you and occasionally using your poles to push you away from rocks and trees. Working together as part of a small team, you’ll finish in Björkebo where you’ll bade a sad farewell to your raft, dismantle it and return the logs to the timber trap. This Sweden gift experience is a hands-on, exciting adventure full of attractive scenery.
Photo: © John van Helvert


  • Learn how to build a timber raft
  • Propel yourselves along the river on your own creation
  • Explore the gorgeous Swedish wilderness

What's Included:

  • All required materials and tools
  • Professional instructor / guide
  • One night stay in a cabin

Good to know:

  • Please bring your own sleeping bag 
  • It is an overnight experience.
  • Wood-heated sauna and BBQ facilities are available in evenings

Experience details

For 2 persons
Warm season


Torsby, Sweden