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Taupo Cliffhanger Experience

This is one of many experiences included in this gift box!

This Experience is one of many in this gift box!
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119 $

Why we included this experience:

  • The obvious progression from thrilling bungee jumps
  • Reach incredible speeds of up to 70kph

Experience description

Attention thrill-seekers: if bungee jumps are no longer doing it for you, and you need to satisfy your daredevil urges some other way, then step forward for the Cliffhanger, the premier Taupo gift experience, that will leave you rocked and rolled. Strap in for an amazing freefall swing above the beautiful Waikato River Valley, 44m above the water, and prepare for a sensation like nothing else. You’re going for an unforgettable ride.

Choose the easy option, with a countdown, or put your nerves to the test with a surprise release. Either way, you’ll soon by swinging through the skies at speeds of up to 70kph. It’s a hair-raising adventure that’s got no maximum age limit - the organisers claim their oldest participant was 90 years old! As the swing gradually slows down, enjoy stunning views over the Taupo region, and consider whether this is the ultimate New Zealand thrill experience.


  • Take the plunge for a breathtaking freefall
  • Arc back and forth at speed over beautiful landscape

What's Included:

  • Return transportation from Taupo accommodations
  • Taupo cliffhanger experience

Good to know:

  • Minimum weight 30kg (66lb); Maximum weight = 180kg (393lb)
  • Minimum Age 10. If aged between 10 and 15 years, a parent or guardian’s signature is required
  • All participants must fit the appropriate safety harness in order to perform activity
  • Please advise organisers beforehand of any medical conditions
  • If you choose not to jump/swing, your ticket cannot be refunded or transferred

Experience details

For 1 person
All year
Land & Nature
Adrenalin pumping


202 Spa Rd, Taupo 3330, New Zealand