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Sacred Valley of Incas Full Day Experience in Peru

This is one of many experiences included in this gift box!

This Experience is one of many in this gift box!
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Why we included this experience:

  • Sacred Valley of Incas was a key area of settlement to the Andean communities
  • Authentic cultural experience of the region around Cusco
  • Visit 13th century village of Ollantaytambo

Experience description

The journey to the little town of Ollantaytambo is broken up by a short stopover in Awanacancha, where guests will meet the friendly locals and learn about the traditional forms of dyeing and knitting that are used to make the handicrafts from this area. You’ll see the alpacas and llamas that are farmed here, and visit the bustling Pisac market where you can grab a tasty empanada straight from the oven for a snack. Lunch will be at a nearby restaurant.

Afterwards, the tour continues on to Ollantaytambo, entrance to the sacred Valley of the Incas and not far from the famous Machu Picchu. Dating from the 15th century, this is a hugely important archaeological site for Incan studies, and the ruins make for a very interesting exploration. See the temple / fortress, and the huge stone agricultural terraces built into the side of the mountain. The views round here are utterly spectacular so be sure to charge your camera battery.


  • Visit Awanacancha to learn about traditional handicrafts techniques, and pick up some souvenirs
  • Trip to local market for lunch
  • Guided tour of the Incan ruins of Ollantaytambo

What's Included:

  • Hotel pick-up / drop-off
  • Professional guide
  • Buffet lunch
  • Entrance to Ollantaytambo

Good to know:

  • We suggest bringing comfortable walking shoes, hat, insect repellent and raingear

Experience details

For 1 person
All year
Land & Nature
Feel your pulse


Experience reviews: (1)


In our opinion it's definitely worth it to visit the holy valley. Above everything else, the lunch highly exceeded our expectations. Only one thing that we'd criticize: the tour lasted 12 hours, even though it was only supposed to last 8.


28B, Peru