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Day or Night Bungee Jumping in United Kingdom for Two

This is one of many experiences included in this gift box!

This Experience is one of many in this gift box:
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Face the UK’s first static bungee jump over the River Garry in Scotland.

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Experience description

Set in a dramatic gorge in Perthshire, the first static UK bungee jump stands at an amazing 40m (132ft) suspended from the Garry Bridge. If you have a head for heights and a lust for adventure then, make your way north of the border (or just stay where you are if you’re already in Scotland). Assisted by friendly and helpful professional bungee instructors, you’ll be tumbling at speeds of up to 50mph before you spring back up, so remember to smile for the camera as you pass.

And if the thought of flinging yourself off the platform is a bit nerve-jangling then you may be interested to learn that at this facility you can also jump at night during the months of May and October. If you can’t see the bottom it makes it a lot easier, is probably e idea we think! Anyone who’s bungee jumped will know that the feeling of total exhilaration can never be beaten, so if you ever wanted to give it a go, this is the perfect opportunity. And if you’re a regular jumper, the thought of doing it at night, or in such breathtaking scenery, is pretty darn appealing.


  • Tackle the UK’s first static bungee jump
  • Choose between day or night bungee jumps
  • Amazing views from the Garry Bridge before you leap

What's Included:

  • Jump
  • Photography

Good to know:

  • Jumpers must arrive 30 minutes before jump for safety briefing
  • Duration approx 90 minutes
  • Minimum age 14, no maximum!
  • Maximum weight for solo jumpers 150kg (330lbs)
  • Day jumps available all year, night jumps only in May and October
  • Wear sensible clothing and footwear

Experience details

For 1 person
All year
Multiple times a day


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