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Breakfast with the Koalas at Hartley's Crocodile Adventures from Cairns or Palm Cove

This is one of many experiences included in this gift box!

This Experience is one of many in this gift box!
Ultimate Collection
Ultimate Collection
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Why we included this experience:

  • The cutest breakfast you’ll ever enjoy
  • Chance to cuddle up with a koala
  • Amazing lagoon cruise to see crocodiles

Experience description

There’s probably something out there that’s cuter than a koala which just woke up, but we don’t know what it is. Enjoy a delicious cooked breakfast overlooking Hartley’s Lagoon, taking in the scenery and relaxed atmosphere. As you eat, one of the keepers will come around with a furry and sleepy companion for you to meet (9am-9:30am). For a little extra donation, you can even get a cuddle and a photo with the little critter. Just watch he doesn’t go for your toast. This entertaining day out is one of the top attractions for people staying in Port Douglas.

From the cute and cuddly to the toothy and snappy, your Port Douglas gift experience continues as after breakfast you join a cruise out on to Hartley’s Lagoon, where there’s more than a few big old crocodiles hanging around. This is one of the best immersive experiences of its kind but don’t worry, you’re not going to be immersed in the water with the crocs. You can certainly expect a few toothy grins however, and to learn more about the inhabitants of Hartley’s, both furry and scaly.


  • Stroke a baby koala
  • Delicious breakfast overlooking a tropical lagoon
  • Amazing crocodile cruise

What's Included:

  • Transfer from Cairns or Palm Cove
  • General admission
  • Breakfast on the deck at Lilies Restaurant
  • Boat cruise on Hartley’s Lagoon

Good to know:

  • Please wear sensible walking shoes, a wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen
  • Open 8.30am - 5pm everyday except Christmas Day and Anzac Day
  • Tickets are strictly non-transferable and proof of ID for re-entry is essential
  • Upon arrival, visitors are issued with a pass indicating their time of cruise departure
  • During busy periods extra cruises are scheduled. The length of each cruise is approximately 25 minutes and complements all the other daily presentations
  • Baby change rooms are available, strollers can be hired for AUS$5.00/day

Experience details

For 2 persons
All year
Land & Nature
Catch your breath


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