Best of Cinque Terre From Florence for Two

Italy, Liguria
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Gap Year Collection
Gap Year Collection
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Sandra and Dennis
September 2018

I thought this was a small group tour but ended up on a huge bus with 50 people. The bus broke down in a truck stop and we waited an hour to get a new bus. We finally get to Cinque Terre and you get paraded through each town with one tour guide through the very small towns. Honestly our tour guide did the best she could and I felt sorry for her as the organization of this tour was not her fault. Also one guide is not enough for a group of 50, you can’t hear her. CAF tours was in charge and I would never use them again. And honestly you do not need a tour guide, there is nothing to see. The towns are cute and quaint but not with the hoards of tourists that were there. You could hardly move. Plus there are nothing but tourist kitchy shops, nothing of quality or made from the area. Wait until mid October to visit and do it on your own. It’s easy to take the train from town to town.

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