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May 2021

Fun with a good guide! I had a really good day :).

But please be aware that it makes sense to bring your own GoPro - purchasing the pics will be 30 e...uros which is way to much. Therefore 4/5

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Jennifer W
February 2021

This was an excellent tour. I booked it for my first day in Tirana and it was a perfect introductory tour. I especially loved that the tour combined the to...ur with food—I think local food is an essential part of understanding another culture, but, in other countries I’ve visited, I’ve usually had to book the food tour separately. It was great to have it all in one! The food was interesting, traditional, and really good. On top of all of that, my tour guide was fantastic. He knows absolutely everything about Albania and the entire Balkan—I was amazed by his breadth of knowledge and thoroughly enjoyed my day with him (so much so that booked two additional day trips). I highly recommend this tour!

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