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Esta caja de regalos Tinggly significa asunto serio para obtener el mayor valor de lo mejor que Europa tiene para ofrecer en experiencias. Alrededor de Europa, la persona afortunada de recibir esta caja de regalos puede elegir de una variedad de actividades en múltiples países. Ayúdelos a escoger un recuerdo para toda la vida, el reto será escoger la experiencia.
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January 2022

Both me and my girlfriend enjoyed this experience. The instructors were friendly and professional. The diving itself was nice, and being under the ice was just... interesting. Some critique points: - neither here nor on the original website it is stated that you really really should acclimatize on this height for at least 24h before doing the dive. We did, and this worked out fine - You actually don't really "dive" yourself, but it is rather so that the instructor pulls you under the ice, you are with the instructor all the time, and you don't move yourself really. Apparently even experienced divers get out of breath on this height extremely fast. For me, as someone without any knowledge about diving, this is totally fine, but I don't think that it was what my girlfriend, who has an open water diving certificate, really expected. She still enjoyed this a lot, so no problem.Leer másLeer menos

January 2022

The tour company was not notified by Viator of our tour - so they threw it together in an hour. The sights were incredible - especially the acrocorinth. Howe...ver, it was winter and cold. So our “ tour guide” never got out of the car because she did not want to get cold. She also knew very little about Corinth, early Christianity or about the Apostle Paul. It was basically a chauffeured trip to Corinth. Drivers were very efficient and polite-but not really a tour.Leer másLeer menos

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