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Paseos en globo aerostático elegidos a mano. En esta caja de regalos, Tinggly ha seleccionado los vuelos mas increíbles e interesantes alrededor del planeta. Sueños de flotar calmadamente en el cielo con vistas majestuosas y exaltamiento épico. El regalo de un paseo en globo aerostático donde sea en el mundo es realmente un regalo mágico, En esta caja de regalos Tinggly hemos seleccionado los vuelos mas interesantes e irreales alrededor del mundo.
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September 2019

This was the highlight of our trip, which included a helicopter rode over The Grand Canyon. It was an amazing experience and the staff was fantastic. A must for anyone who wants a unique Arizona experience!

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Anne J
August 2019

So, I have always wanted to do a hot air balloon ride and finally did! Apparently this balloon is the biggest in North America...maybe the world (my memory i...s pretty sketchy here), so it took a while to inflate. But after all the hard work is done we got it and lift off! We weren't in the air for as long as I would like or as long as other companies with smaller balloons. Which was a deal breaker for me. But the company and history lesson made up for that.
We had a crash landing which sounds scarier than it actually was...our pilot was very knowledgeable and explained that the wind played a huge factor in the landing plus plenty of information on plan b landing.
Afterwards we had breakfast, took lots of pictures, did a toast, got a certificate and saw beautiful souvenirs.

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