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Experiencias de manejo seleccionadas a mano. Regale una experiencia de manejo para dar una vida de recuerdos de emoción a alguien especial con esta caja de regalos Tinggly. Paseos icónicos en las pistas y superficies mas icónicas de la tierra, En el calor del desierto, en un carro clásico, en una pista legendaria en Europa o en un exclusivo paseo en el Medio Oeste, hay algo especial para cada adicto al volante en esta caja de regalos. Regale una experiencia de manejo y de recuerdos que duraran para toda la vida a alguien especial con esta caja de regalos Tinggly.
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Puntaje general (482) 3.5

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February 2023

This was a great experience, with all things considered based on the avaliable direction you take the car and sitting in traffic. Would love to see if there is ...a different route to take base on traffic. I would definitely recommend this company.Leer másLeer menos

February 2023

It was a valuable moment for me to be in and drive the supercar that we all dream of. The drivers were briefed and got two laps in the instructor's car. The bri...efing of the track experience was useful and gave the drivers a sense of caution. Whether you are an eager speed fanatic or a scared rookie driver, you'll be safe on the track. I got the 7 laps package in an Huracan, and boy was that fast. The seven laps were over in less than 15 minutes. The day I went for the experience, there were a lot of people. Depending on the the number of people waiting for the experience at the designated class time, you might have to wait a long time. Nevertheless, it wasn't boring since you could go out and see other people do the laps. Do give your instructor $5 as a tip to show your gratuity and for him/her taking good care of you and ensuring a safe experience on the track. I signed up for the video too, but I wouldn't recommend it. Just keep the memories inside your head. I will visit here again in the future trip to Vegas and try out other cars.Leer másLeer menos

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