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November 2022

What a great time! We got picked up ~7a, got on the water by 9:30a, and back to the hotel ~6p, though ive been told it can be as late as 8p when the boat is ful...l. I was under the impression it was a kayaking trip - its not. you get paddled by a guide in two caves on 2 different islands (which was still cool, and for the best since the caves are a little tricky to navigate. there were also bats!) then we were taken to a third island just to swim, no more paddling. then to james bond park/island to walk around for a bit. lunch buffet was fabulous with veggie options. we had a party boat with music, people jumping from the second deck into the bay, and even dancing haha, it was a good time, good guides, and good vibes ?Leer másLeer menos

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