Eco-friendly Gifts

Tinggly is happy to announce the shift towards the eco-friendly gift solution. From now on all our gifts are environmentally friendly. Check it out how we achieved it.

We’re pleased to say that all of our Tinggly presentation gift boxes are created using 100% recycled and recyclable materials. We have also insisted on removing the plastic-based lamination process - which made our gift boxes look great but at a cost to the planet. And one more thing, all the inks used in their production are guaranteed planet-friendly.


We want our Tinggly experience journals - which are included with every Tinggly gift box and can be used to note your favourite memories - to look great, but without damaging the environment. That’s why we have removed all harmful plastics, spot UV and decorative effects, non-renewable materials, and harmful printing inks. All of this means that our experience journals, while still looking great are fully recyclable and eco-friendly. Plus, it’s good to note, that receiving experience gifts is scientifically proven to make you happier than receiving material possessions.


While we use a traditional printer for creating your personalized message on our Tinggly vouchers, the vouchers themselves are completely sustainable and eco-friendly. We’ve also removed the toxic ‘scratch-off’ voucher code cover and replaced it with a recyclable ‘tear-off’ cover. This completely eliminates the need for any harmful plastics or inks.


The sleeves - the pretty outer cover on your Tinggly gift collection box - are produced using recyclable materials and planet-friendly inks. We have also fully eliminated the use of plastics and spot UV varnish coatings. However, we still have some of our old-style sleeves in stock, which we will continue to use - to avoid them ending up in landfill - until the remaining sleeves are depleted. All old sleeves are easily identifiable by the addition of - ‘Not yet perfect, eco-friendly option coming soon’. Our new-generation sleeves are marked with the addition - ‘Made from 100% eco-friendly materials’.


Welcome to the world of Tinggly Activism. At Tinggly we want to help make you feel proud of your environmental actions. That’s why when you purchase a Tinggly experience gift we’ll reward you with a PDF email Eco-Certificate outlining how your purchase has actively helped protect the environment.
This frameable PDF Eco-Certificate is testimony to how your purchase has actively contributed to the production, planting, and protection of trees. The certificate also declares how your actions have helped install Tinggly-designed trash traps in the rivers of Bali, ensuring that harmful plastics and other pollutants never reach the world’s oceans. This Eco-Certificate serves as testimony that we are all part of an ongoing campaign to be more respectful and more environmentally friendly towards the planet we live on. Well done! Be proud to be a Tinggly Activist.


Tinggly is proud in the knowledge that we ship our huge range of experience gifts worldwide in partnership with DHL (except the USA). This ensures that we can offset the bulk of our CO2 shipping emissions in the most practical and planet-friendly manner. We are also on a continuous mission to improve our environmental practices which will go a long way towards helping safeguard our future, and the future of generations to come.

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