Corona Virus FAQ

Did you know that a Tinggly gift experience can be redeemed with NO time restriction - meaning every Tinggly gift experience is 'coronavirus-proof'?

For now, in terms of travel and experiences and any restrictions that may be in place, the best advice is to stay updated with the latest news from travel companies, airlines, local/national authorities, and the WHO website.

We can also offer you advice regarding terms of refunds, and any effects or restrictions on the delivery of products (experiences) and/or services.

Most importantly: all Tinggly customers are advised to prioritize their health, and the health of others at this time.

- What happens if I’ve already purchased a Tinggly gift box? Will I still be able to use it?

Yes, of course you can. Despite the current crisis, we are already taking reservations for future adventures. Plus, don't forget, Tinggly gifts have NO expiration date.

- I’ve received a Tinggly gift. When will I be able to use it?

Once the quarantine and travel bans are over, we will be happy to book your chosen experience. However, it’s already possible to reserve an experience for the coming summer months. The majority of our local suppliers have flexible policies, so, if your situation changes you can always cancel or reschedule your chosen experience.

- I’ve already booked my experience but it was cancelled. How do I apply for Tinggly credit?

We usually receive cancellation notifications from our suppliers, we then contact you through email to confirm your cancellation and the reactivation of your voucher code. However, just to be sure, you can always contact us directly at and we will be more than happy to help.

- I haven't travelled yet. Should I go?

If you are living in, or going to an area affected by Coronvirus please heed the official advice and refrain from travelling for now. In addition, you can check the recent information on the pages of your Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the WHO website.

- I have travelled to my destination, how do I know if the experience will take place?

As the situation is changing daily the best way is to contact the local tour/experience operator directly (contacts are available on your ticket) and make sure that the experience will still take place before traveling to the pre-arranged meeting point.

- What will happen to experiences in Italy, South Korea, China, Iran, etc? Are they still on offer?

Yes, they are still on offer. We are confident that the virus will eventually pass and the industries in these regions will return to normal. In the unfortunate case where some operators may be forced to close their business, we will do our best to offer our clients similar alternatives where available.

- What are the best sources of relevant information for experiences, flights, destinations, travel, etc at this time?

To ensure the accuracy of the information you require it is probably best to directly make contact with the airline, accommodation choice, local and national authorities, etc. For important coronavirus updates the WHO website is regularly updated with the latest worldwide information.

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