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Quite simply the best in the world. Tinggly's Ultimate Collection gift box offer it all, helicopter flights, wine tasting, beautiful tours and mind-blowing moments for one or two people. With hundreds of experiences available in hundreds of countries, the lucky recipient of this gift box has an unlimited time to choose that one experience of a lifetime, be it near or far from home. This gift box will turn those long wished for dreams into real memories...

Here’s how it works:
  1. You can pick this Ultimate Collection for your special one and send it instantly via email or deliver a beautiful box in 2-5 business days.
  2. They can choose and book one experience from the list below. There are more than 1000 options and the number is always growing. Tinggly offers activities in more than 100 countries!
  3. Booking is super simple! They have to visit the Tinggly redeem page, select the date, the experience, and wait for the confirmation via email. All experience details will be there.
  4. That’s it! When the day comes they enjoy their chosen experience and create beautiful memories for a lifetime!
Have you noticed our eco gift badge?
This a sustainable gift. All our gift boxes are produced from fully recycled materials and are printed using eco-friendly inks. Plus, for every gift experience - even a couple of laps in a high-performance sports car - Tinggly will offset CO2 carbon emissions by a whopping 200%. In addition, by gifting this collection you will help Tinggly to plant 20 trees! Find out more about our commitment to making a positive impact on the planet here on our sustainability page.

With every gift purchased, you will receive an email with a Tinggly Activist certificate, verifying your part in making the world a better place.
Lifetime validity
No expiration date
Instant delivery option
Via e-mail
Easy refund
Easy refund policy
Eco-friendly packaging
Made from recycled materials
Every gift cleans the planet
Every purchased gift plants & protects trees
No carbon footprint
Experience CO2 is offset by 200%

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Gift reviews

September 2022

My family, which included 11 & 14 year old children, loved this experience, although we had perfect weather. The youngest was really scared initially and the gu...ides helped reassure her. She loved it by the end!Read moreRead less

September 2022

The Icelandic Horses was the last thing on our list "of the things to see/do" while in Iceland - and seeing these amazing animals in the first 9 days that lead ...us to this day 10 definitely did add to the experience - we had a chance to see them all over the country and they are absolutely amazing animals, especially in groups when they freely interact with each other is something special! The horses here were amazing as well, and despite having a bad weather day I have still enjoyed the experience a lot except for a couple of things - a. The 2h tour is a bit to long for a person that may be a beginner or even doing it the first time - I can see how this may be on the other hand not enough for others but I am sharing this with people who probably like us wanted to try this experience and horses aren't something they "do" on a daily basis - by the time we returned by body already so sore that I barely held control over the horse when it sped up at times - that was a bit scary too, even though the crew here does ask you in advance for your past experience and assign you a horse that "matches your abilities" and I was perfectly honest about lack of experience (rid only once before in my life)... and sadly I ended up having also a wound on my b... :) yep, took me two weeks to heal it and my lower back is pretty destroyed :/ if you have issues with your back this is not for you! b. The horses are big animals and smart animals, sometimes they do what they want and it was a bit scary in certain instances when they wanted to go their owns ways either over the stream or on the "thinner" edge of this uphill part - I know it sounds silly of me to say but you have to be very serious here, there is no room for goofing around and being silly (not that I tried) as it can end up very poorly. I believe there was a 4km each way - in between we stopped at the "Troll Waterfall" (you can actually check on google maps the directions, it's not exactly what we rode but most of it is) for a small break to return back - overall a great tour and could have been even better with the better weather but as much as I don't mean to discourage people from doing it and hate to say it but I probably wouldn't do it again knowing how much lower back pain I had afterwards (I could barely stand later that day) - on the other hand I would absolutely love to come here and do some kind of a tour where I can just come closer to the animals, look at them, listen to some info about them and simply watch them interact - they are something special! TIP: if you drive on your own make sure to arrive 30m before the actual tour as they match the horses to your capabilities/weight etc. + you get to choose the gear - also if it's raining or cold make sure to use their gear + your own as 2h is a long time to be exposed to elementsRead moreRead less

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