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Some time together would be great - in our busy lives we rarely have or make time to do things together. This Time Together gift box allows 2 people to experience one of hundreds of experiences from around the world, beautifully crafted and chosen by Tinggly. Catering for a wide range of interests, such as tours, relaxing moments and spa treatments, there is something for everyone in this collection.

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This a sustainable gift. All our gift boxes are produced from fully recycled materials and are printed using eco-friendly inks. Plus, for every gift experience - even a couple of laps in a high-performance sports car - Tinggly will offset CO2 carbon emissions by a whopping 200%. In addition, Tinggly will remove 33lbs (15kg) of plastic from the planet’s rivers, lakes, and oceans. Find out more about our commitment to making a positive impact on the planet here on our sustainability page.
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Eco-friendly packaging
Made from recycled materials
Every gift cleans the planet
Removes 33lbs (15kg) of plastics
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Experience CO2 is offset by 200%

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Jason Campbell
January 2020

I was really fun! I think some expectation setting should be done though. It's a 2hour drive outside of Orlando. We had low tide and mucky waters. We got very l...ucky that one of the manatees hugged my girlfriend gently and she was mind blown about it! I think the visit to the park after was a great part of the experience. I'd make sure people are clear on what to expect which: 90 minutes swim with manotees. 90 minutes in the park. and lots of driving! From 6:30am to 5pm was the total trip. I really loved it though! we had an amazing time. Read moreRead less

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