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Welcome to the specially made collection that has been provided and created especially for you by Cornerstone!

Cornerstone has made this special collection to thank you for your hard work and dedication. We believe this 3-year anniversary is just one of many to come. You have an opportunity to choose one experience from this collection. book it and have a great time! All experiences have been tested, checked, and added to this collection to make sure you have the time of your life.

Here’s how it works:
- You can book an experience from the gift box. There are over 2000 options in this collection to choose from.
- Simply choose desired experience and book it.
- That’s it! When the day comes they enjoy their chosen experience and create beautiful memories for a lifetime!

Have you noticed our eco gift badge?
This is a sustainable gift. All our gift boxes are produced from fully recycled materials and are printed using eco-friendly inks. Plus, for every gift experience - even a couple of laps in a high-performance sports car - Tinggly will offset CO2 carbon emissions by a whopping 200%. In addition, by gifting this collection you will help Tinggly to plant 10 trees! Find out more about our commitment to making a positive impact on the planet here on our sustainability page.

With every gift purchased, you will receive an email with a Tinggly Activist certificate, verifying your part in making the world a better place.

Lifetime validity
No expiration date
Instant delivery option
Via e-mail
Easy refund
Easy refund policy
Eco-friendly packaging
Made from recycled materials
Every gift cleans the planet
Every purchased gift plants & protects trees
No carbon footprint
Experience CO2 is offset by 200%

Overall rating (51,312) 3.5

Gift reviews

January 2023

We learned a lot about the history of pro football. I enjoyed the you make the call replay both. There was a good variety of exhibits.

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